Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Our Warehousing

What regions do you cover?

Our service area covers Northern and Central California.

Are your vehicles equipped with any form of communication device?

Our entire fleet of trucks is equipped with satellite GPS monitoring giving us real-time location information on all our equipment.

How many square feet are your warehouses?

We own and operate one warehouse in Fairfield, CA which is 167,000 square feet.

Do you have any food grade warehouses?

Yes, our warehouse is food grade certified with the FDA and CA Department of Public Health.

Is your fleet California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant?

Yes, we have a fleet of newer trucks that are all CARB compliant.

Do your drivers have TWIC cards?

Yes, it is a requirement of our Class A drivers to have their Transportation Worker Identification Credentials or ‘TWIC’ card.

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